Since April 2011, Ginni Thomas has been a special correspondent for the Daily Caller News Foundation producing videos of emerging leaders and educators in the public square who give hope, inspiration and information not readily available. They come up each weekend at

For 36 years, she has battled in Washington, D.C. for principles she believed in. Previously, she has served as a top congressional advisor, a senior political appointee at the U.S. Department of Labor, a senior executive with The Heritage Foundation, the Washington representative for Hillsdale College, and an advocate for free enterprise with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Since 2010, she has been an advocate for conservatives and a conservative media talent. Previously, she was the founder of (nonprofit for citizen activists).

She was elected as a national delegate from the state of Virginia to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July 2016, and works passionately for the candidates and causes in which she believes.

Ginni is an idea-machine and a connector to people for those she chooses to help; she speaks to grassroots and conservative groups around the country and offers her counsel to those wishing to have maximum impact. Ginni works to help many conservative groups work in coalitions beyond their silos for maximum impact.

She is also on the Board of Directors for Star Parker’s Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE) and on the Advisory Boards for the National Association of Scholars in New York, Turning Point USA and the Steamboat Institute in Colorado. She has also served on the Board of Trustees for Hillsdale College in Michigan.

Originally from Omaha, Nebraska and the youngest child of conservatives who fought for limited government and traditional values, she has maintained her midwestern authenticity after 36 years in Washington, D.C. She enjoys motor homing, her friends and the Nebraska Cornhuskers with her husband, Justice Clarence Thomas.

Her degrees are: Business Communication & Political Science from Creighton University, and J.D. from Creighton Law School (Omaha, NE).